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The Goal of the Marathon

In 2015, Funds raised will go toward , material publications, leadership development and expansion of the ministry. Thank you for considering being a part of this new venture in ministry!

How does the Golf Marathon work?

All golfers will tee off at 6:00 AM with a goal of playing 100 holes of golf for the day. You will be playing in two person teams – a two person scotch format – alternating shots. This format will allow us to play fast and we’ve calculated that on the 27 hole Omni Golf Club Course, you will finish the 100 holes by 5:00 PM. We will end the day with a celebration BBQ dinner and award prizes.

This sounds like a dream come true, but what will it cost me?

The requirements of the Golf Marathon are: commit to self-sponsorship of $250 (or more) and raising at least $1000 with a goal of $2500 or more in total sponsorship.  This is the equivalent of $25 per hole for 100 holes by getting 25 friends, family or business associates to sponsor you for $1 per hole, or 50 to sponsor you for $ .50 per hole, etc. (all donations, including the self-sponsorship of $250, are tax deductible)


1.     Make a list of individuals/companies/small businesses you want to contact.

2.     Send the following information pieces to the people on your list:

  • The Cross Ministry Group Golf Marathon brochure – available in both hard copy and email. (When you register to play we will provide these for you.)
  • A personal letter on your letterhead (sample available when you register to play)

3.     Instruct your sponsors to either fill out the bottom part of brochure, tear off and mail (provide return envelope) to YOU, not to The Cross Ministry Group address. Or they can pledge by going to the website and click on the “sponsor golfer here” tab and fill out the needed information.

4.     Make use of your email address book!  Send materials listed above via email with the brochure attachment.

5.     Follow up with phone calls or face-to-face conversations.  The human touch is crucial. It allows you to have a conversation to answer questions and tell them the WHY of this tournament.  Challenge them to join your team by matching your self-sponsorship amount.  In the past, many golfers have seen great responses from friends when they know you have some “skin in the game” and are challenged to match, or even beat their self-sponsored amount.  Have some fun with it. Again, $.50, $1, $2, $3, etc. per hole…it’s all welcome!

6.     We are collecting a number of great prizes. Included will be Get-Away-Weekends for top prizes. More details coming soon!

7.     We will provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, water and a great CELEBRATION barbeque after the event.  All golf balls and a golf gift bag are provided as well.