Endorsements & Testimonies from Couples at the Cross

This experience opened my eyes to the dynamics in my marriage that were keeping me from having what I want/ what I believe God intended my marriage to look like.  I enjoyed a great weekend of hard work with great fruit at the end.  The weekend had some experiential exercises that I was able to take into my heart for real life in marriage and also a weekend where I received some very practical tools on communication etc.  And I left remembering how in love I am with my husband. -Carla, Lincoln NE


I was impacted heavily by all of the new things I learned about my husband that, because of God’s grace, I was able to hear for the first time. This weekend provided SPACE and TIME to listen to him in a new way and for him to hear me too. -Julia, Denver, CO


Go! Just go! Open your heart to the possibility that your relationship can be better, maybe better than ever. Be open and trust the processes. It works! -Ellie, Northville, MI


Best money a couple could spend on themselves, an investment in health and well being. Great value equal to 6 months of good family counseling paid back in 2 days. -James, Broomfield, CO


I grew up in church, the daughter of a pastor. Women at the Cross and this are the two most transformational experiences I have ever had. -Holly, Ft Worth, TX


This was impactful to our marriage. There were no lectures, but instead simplified explanations, personal testimonies, demonstrated examples, and activities that touched our specific needs and struggles. The embarrassment and apprehension that naturally built up at the beginning of the weekend quickly diminished as a safe and vulnerable environment was established. We were moved and excited in ways incomparable to other marriage retreats, as we finished the weekend. -Lane, Greeley, CO


It’s a wonderful weekend to connect or reconnect with your spouse that provides helpful tools, godly insights, and gentle instructions to allow both of you to be heard and seen. -Lisa, Crestwood, KY