NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we have decreased the size of our staff and attendees for each weekend to provide as safe an experience as possible. In addition, we require all attendees and staff to exercise extreme care, practice social distancing, wear masks, and increase sensitivity to your health and exposure for 10-14 days before the weekend experience. Attendees and staff are only to attend if 100% healthy (no exceptions).
Our weekends do not allow for social distancing. You will be in small groups, eating together, and in shared sleeping quarters. You may wear a mask on the weekend, though masks are not required.
To date, we have had no incidences of illness following our weekends. We are committed to your safety and ask you to be particularly careful prior to joining us. Come healthy—leave healthy!
There is added risk in the current environment and we believe the experience and opportunity of The Cross Ministry Group weekends are so impactful that it is worth it. At the same time, we honor you where you are, and if now is not the time for you, we invite you to register and join us in the fall.