Facilitating the Living in Truth small group this fall has been a great experience for us. For eight weeks, we watched our group struggle through confusion, experience pain, have incredible connection with their spouse, gain understanding, make breakthroughs and connect to joy and gratitude.  Couples experienced a new freedom and lightness that was palpable in their marriages.  The group ended with hope and gratitude and with the couples experiencing significant movement toward each other and God.

For us, this was a real opportunity for growth and pressing into our marriage.  Facilitating made Tasha and I struggle with our judgments about each other and how we show up in our false-self dance.  We experienced anger, frustration, sadness, shame, joy and gratitude.  In other words, we experienced the reality of life together and because of Living in Truth we showed up differently through it all.  We give more grace to each other now.   We allowed each other to point out things without always getting triggered or defensive.   It has been a serious movement toward living in the present, moment to moment, and walking alongside each other as we go through all the thoughts and feelings throughout the day.  We are grateful for the experience and looking forward to facilitating Living in Truth again.
Testimonies form the group members:
“This group will help you identify what your heart and your spouse’s heart truly wants.  From there you can just continue to grow.”
“We have both grown in our ability to give grace to one another as well as to ourselves. It has given us tools to communicate hard stuff with each other.”
“The group has helped us know and understand each other’s desires and true longings.  We are able to recognize our true selves and help each other live out of the truth within us.”
“It exposed how dysfunctional our “dance” can be, but also how redemptive sticking with the tough issues can be.  It is nice to be dancing a healthier dance now.”