Attending the Men at the Cross weekend in February in Denver, Colorado, the Heart quadrant teaching in July and staffing at the October weekend in Louisville, Kentucky represent some of the most important milestones in my Christian life.  They were all truly life changing events.  I have been able to gain victory over some areas in my life I have struggled with since childhood. My wife attended Women at the Cross this past spring and together we are able to discuss difficulties in our marriage in a new and more productive way with a new perspective.  Staffing with my son in October was a very special experience that brought us both even closer in our relationship. The major reason I attended the February weekend was because of the testimony of my son’s experience at his weekend as “life changing”.

I discovered being with men who struggle in life in areas common to me and being able to work on these areas in my life in a safe and scared space was a tremendous life changing and encouragement to me. Five men  from our church, four of whom are church officers attended the October weekend.  One of the men’s wives told me her husband said he grew 5 years spiritually in one weekend. Another man told me he had never seen me so excited as when I came back from the February weekend that he decided to go based just on that, but the weekend was far more than he had anticipated. I truly believe Men at The Cross is having and will continue to have a great impact on our local body of believers through these men.
Thank you for your life changing and much need men’s and women’s ministry.  I look forward to future weekends, quadrant teaching times and upcoming new materials for use in our church. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.”
Steve Harbin
Ruling Elder
Dayspring Presbyterian Church
Forsyth, Georgia