“Sovereign/Lover WATC Alumni Weekend” (KY)

Date – February 2-3, 2019 (9am Saturday morning to Sunday after lunch)

Location – Kavanaugh Conference and Retreat Center, near Louisville, KY

Cost – $255 per attendee (this includes lodging for Saturday night and two meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday)

Our focus will include a review of the Quadrants (for those of you new to these concepts), with a closer look into the roles of Sovereign and Lover in our lives.

The content is different than the “One Day Loving God Seminars” and is specifically designed for women.

As a preview…

The Sovereign quadrant is most closely related to our soul, our True Self. The Sovereign is rooted in the Image of Christ within each of us, and asks the question, “What needs to happen for me, and others in my life, to thrive?”

The Lover, or Heart quadrant is the quadrant which has to do with our relationships, emotions, creativity, playfulness, desire, and passion. It often carries the greatest impact of our brokenness.

Jesus says to “Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.” This event will focus on the interplay of these two quadrants and their complimentary roles in our own healing and wholeness, as well as healing in our relationship to those around us.

We will do this through large group activities, small group interactions, movement, engaging the 5 senses, play, and time for reflection.

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