MATC CO FEB ALLEndorsements

“I believe God is using Men at the Cross to profoundly deepen and expand the work of the gospel today. Personally, MATC has been a significant part of my own spiritual growth and journey for the last few years. My first weekend retreat with MATC was a milestone in my growing understanding of the gospel and relationship with Christ, while the principles of God-centered wisdom have continued to impact me theologically and personally. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all my friends and those whom I disciple.”

Jonathan T. Pennington, PhD (University of St. Andrews, Scotland)
Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation
Director of Research Doctoral Studies
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY)


“I am writing this note to say how much I appreciate The Cross Ministry Group and the spiritual benefits it provides.  As both a pastor, and founder of Sons of Covenant, a ministry for men, I have both personally experienced and witnessed the change in men after participating in a Men at the Cross weekend. My wife and my niece also attended a Women at the Cross weekend this year, and both said of all the retreats they have ever attended, they benefited the most from Women at the Cross.  Our church and Sons of Covenant currently partner with The Cross Ministry Group by hosting “Living in Truth” and “Breaking Down the Walls” events.  I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone desiring to discover who they really are to attend a weekend retreat.”

JC Hendrix, Pastor of Colorado Christian Fellowship – Aurora, Colorado


“Men at the Cross brought a collision of God’s grace and my “stuff”, stuff that at times manifested itself through shame, a critical spirit, blame, judging, anger, and isolation.  Actually, I kept all of this hidden for the most part, except for those special people, my family. MATC has brought such incredible freedom and grace to my relationships. My wife is extremely involved in Women at the Cross and she utilizes the resources from The Cross Ministry Group in her ministry as a high school counselor. Our marriage is functioning at a level previously impossible because we are so much more aware of our personal stories and each other’s story. This has allowed me to be much more patient and grace filled and empathetic with the people to whom God has called me to minister. I cannot imagine pastoring my present church without having the experience provided by Men at the Cross.”

Keith Inman, Pastor of First Baptist Church – Murray, Kentucky


“I would personally like to thank Bob Hudson and Men at the Cross ministries for growth that was experienced on my first MATC weekend.  I was finally able to bring closure to areas in my life that prevented me from being the man God intended me to be and also to begin accepting who I am as a beloved child of God.  The weekend was so impactful that I now staff each weekend in Texas and when possible in Colorado.

As a pastor at Willow Bend Church and director of the North Texas Celebrate Recovery programs, I encouraged the leadership team to attend a Men at the Cross weekend as well as Women at the Cross for women.  We have seen a significant change in the depth and breadth of their spiritual walk and recovery.  This ministry has allowed Celebrate Recovery leaders to go deeper and we have seen how a few can impact an entire church.  When people are transparent and authentic it is contagious.  Men at the Cross has made that impact on the churches who have participated.

Without reservation I would recommend this ministry as a means of deeper personal growth and love for our Lord Jesus.”

Darrell Bye, Willow Bend Church – Plano, Texas
North Texas Director of Celebrate Recovery



  • “This weekend impacted me at a deep, core level. It opened my eyes to who I truly am in Christ.” – Keith, from CO
  • “An intense weekend of self-evaluation in the light of what Jesus has done for us”. – Derek, from IN
  • “It allowed me to address my doubt in God, which I have carried since my father’s death.” – Anders, from CO
  • “This weekend has reaffirmed my position and relationship in Christ in the fellowship of other men.” – Jim, from KY
  • “This helped build on my Christian walk through discovery and learning about my role as a man.” – Mark, from WA
  • “This weekend has given me a sense of renewal and excitement regarding my spiritual journey.” – Rusty, from KY
  • “The weekend has renewed my faith and given me better clarity of myself and how I relate to God and my family.” – Dan, from CO
  • “It really helped me to deal with an issue that has been heavy on my heart for many years.” – Dave, from CO
  • “I came in apprehensive and with a feeling that I should already know and have experienced enough stuff to not need it. I was wrong. This weekend significantly impacted me.” – John, from CO
  • “Powerful. I am excited to take this home and encourage others to come.” – Darrin, from NE