This weekend is designed to build authentic community with one another.

This retreat is for any church that seeks to:

• Make a step toward creating authentic, honest, and open community as brothers and sisters in Christ.

• Inspire men and women to live more fully out of who they are as people created in the Image of God.

• Help men and women indentify how they put up walls between themselves, God and others.

• Model how to come before God and others to experience freedom from these walls.

The weekend is comprised of short teachings on:

  • How we “Build Walls” in our lives, walls that hinder genuine connection with others.  The “walls” are a metaphor for what the Apostle Paul calls “the old self.”
  • What are the consequences of these walls in our lives? Specifically, for the church, our spouses, children, families and friends.
  • What must we do to “break them down?” Ultimately, we must come to the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • The entire weekend is structured in such a way that men and women have an opportunity to be authentic with one another based on the trust that is built throughout the weekend.  We have seen pastors, ministry leaders and those who attend all discovering a greater connection to God and one another as a result of this intentional approach to building community in the local church.

Pastors and ministry leaders:

If you are interested in knowing more information about this retreat please contact us:info@crossmg.org.