“From a pastor’s perspective, I was looking for a ministry that could do something that I couldn’t do that would help congregation. Why should I try to develop a program when The Cross Ministry Group has so much experience and does everything with excellence.  They can accomplish in one weekend what it takes our pastoral counselors sometimes up to a year to achieve.

I have attended the Women At The Cross retreat and was greatly touched personally and have staffed a retreat.  I’ve attended leadership trainings and am amazed on how easily people can get involved and “pay it forward.”   I’ve developed many programs and observed many ministries, and I find The Cross Ministry Group to be exceptional in what they are able to accomplish.  The heart of this ministry exemplifies the Spirit of Christ.

Kay Michaelis
Pastor of Pastoral Counseling
Colorado Christian Fellowship


“This weekend was life changing! A true visual of God’s grace, love, acceptance, freedom, joy and abudance all in ONE!” –Joni, from KY

“I feel less alone in my struggles. I feel cared for, supported and loved.” –Karen, from CO

“Wow! This weekend is like wow in my heart!” – Debora, from CO

“I came to this weekend pulling away from God and confused about who I am. I have learned that I am who he made me to be.” – Tiffany, from CO

“I have found forgiveness and have reopened my heart to the Lord.” – Connie, from CO

“This weekend has made me aware of what has been blocking me from fully focusing on God, worshipping Him and opening personal time with Him.” – Irma, from OH

“This weekend brought my emotions to the surface instead of stuffing them in kids, busyness and fatigue. I have been so freed by being aware of them and giving the power of those emotions to God.” – Lindsay, from CO

“The weekend has helped me find my identity in Christ and hold onto that instead of holding onto the lies and negativity of my past.”      – Michelle, from KY

“I can say for the first time that I can see His light, feel his light, and know I am his beloved.” -Lorrie, from CO