Creating Safe, Sacred Spaces for Personal Transformation

A Transformational Experience in a Christian Retreat Setting

An Invitation to Discover Spiritual Freedom

A Transformational Experience in a Christian Retreat Setting

An Opportunity to Experience Your Truest Self in Christ

A Transformational Experience in a Christian Retreat Setting

The Deeper Dive and The Loving God Series

A Transformational Experience in a Christian Retreat Setting

Explore the Powerful Experience that Awaits You at The Cross Ministry Group Retreats & Workshops in Colorado, Kentucky, and New Jersey


Christian Spiritual Retreats That Transform Lives

A powerful encounter with God awaits you.  The intensive, experiential weekend retreats hosted by The Cross Ministry Group, while not a traditional Bible study, offer a setting to experience the truth of God’s Word and His Presence in our lives.  We explore blocks that prevent us from coming alive to His love and power. And we discover truths that usher us into freedom and authenticity as we are liberated to embrace who we are in Christ.  Come home to who you truly are.

More than 5000 men and women from 46 states and Canada have attended our Christian retreats.


Participants Share Their Experience at The Cross Ministry Group Retreats

I first attended Men at the Cross in the winter of 2012. It was surely an eye-opening experience for me. I had never been exposed to anything like it and I’m so thankful that a Christian brother cared enough about me to share about his Men at the Cross experience and to invite me to attend. For the first time in my Christian life, I discovered how I have been living falsely through my false selves of a performer, withdrawer, and judge, among many others. …
— Dennis, Littleton, CO

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Safe Space

We talk a lot in this ministry about creating a “safe space”—on the weekends, in R groups. Our culture also uses those words, to talk about creating safe spaces within universities, or online, for example. But those safe spaces mean something different. That safe space is a place to be safe from people who disagree with you, or have a different viewpoint from you. A place where you can be safe from uncomfortable feelings, from having to reconcile the gaps between how you should live and how you actually live. A place where you never have to feel uncomfortable, or feel anxious, ashamed, or sad.

The Truth vs Feeling Good

I started this ministry 16 years ago and it has been the greatest joy of my life.  The power of God’s love and presence on the weekends is amazing and I am immensely grateful for the impact He has had on so many people.  The weekends have also been my greatest avenue for personal growth. Over the years, through the ministry I have been confronted with my own weakness and brokenness.  In fact, the ministry’s emphasis on embracing our brokenness stems from my own awareness of how deeply broken I am and thus how much all of us are.

If it’s hysterical, it’s historical.

My family takes road trips. A lot of road trips. We have driven from Kentucky to Florida, Boston, Oregon, Colorado, and California. It’s fun to have the windows down, music blasting, taking in beauty from different regions in the country: beaches, mountains, cities, and countryside…