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Christian Spiritual Retreats That Transform Lives

A powerful encounter with God awaits you. The intensive, experiential weekend retreats of The Cross Ministry Group are Christ-centered settings designed intentionally to help you experience the truth of God’s Word and His Presence in your life. We explore blocks that inhibit our connections to others and to His power and love. We provide opportunity to discover truths that usher us into freedom and authenticity as we are liberated to embrace more fully the truth of who we are in Christ. 

We invite you to come and be open to experience what God has for you.    

More than 5000 men and women from 46 states and Canada have attended our Christian retreats .

COVID protocols for Fall 2022 Events: 

Depending on circumstances and local conditions, we may ask staff and attendees to get a Covid test within 3 days of arrival at the event, and bring proof of a negative Covid test. If there is need for such, this will be communicated a few weeks before each event. 



Participants Share Their Experience at The Cross Ministry Group Retreats

I first attended Men at the Cross in the winter of 2012. It was surely an eye-opening experience for me. I had never been exposed to anything like it and I’m so thankful that a Christian brother cared enough about me to share about his Men at the Cross experience and to invite me to attend. For the first time in my Christian life, I discovered how I have been living falsely through my false selves of a performer, withdrawer, and judge, among many others. …
— Dennis, Littleton, CO

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“Father, deliver me from tribalism.” This has been a consistent prayer of mine these days. Like all humans, I know that I am prone to unconsciously identify too closely with a group that shares my values and prejudices. It is so much more comfortable and “safe” to belong to a group of likeminded people, isn’t it? Especially, when we are “right.” (Sarcasm)

PIVOTING: A Pathway to Peace (even in a Pandemic)

PIVOTING: A Pathway to Peace (even in a Pandemic)

To accept our reality, including obstacles, frees us to pivot and continue to pursue the prize. This is to accept the goodness of God, even in troubling circumstances, and trust that he is moving us toward a greater good – though the journey may be very hard.

Consider your actions, attitudes and heart toward COVID-19, quarantining and masks, politics, social injustices, your problems and pains, and the many antagonists in your life, including the messages and imaginations that live within you.  Consider how you resist, the consequence, and the opportunity to accept and pivot.