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The Cross Ministry Group is a Christian organization dedicated to creating safe, sacred spaces where men and women can be transformed by grace and truth to live authentically as the body of Christ. We invite you to take a moment to explore some of our weekends and follow-up groups for men, women, and couples.

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  • I went through Women at the Cross in April of 2012. My brother had gone through Men at the Cross previously, and his wife was going, so I signed up to go with her, thinking it would be fun to spend a weekend with her. I was living in a shell, hiding from everyone and everything, including God. I came home from that weekend with answers about who I am to God, ways to identify the lies I was telling myself and believing about myself and tools to help heal some of the relationships within my family. Many members of my family have gone through the weekend since and I enjoy a deeper more authentic relationship with several of them. I have staffed every Colorado WATC since, and have also attended the alumni weekends. I continue to staff in order to help other women receive the healing I have, to keep fresh the truths that are taught throughout the weekend and to link arms with other women who desire the same. I am often amazed at the transformation that has taken place in me over the last three years. The alumni weekends have been so helpful in understanding my emotions, and what being centered looks like. I was encouraged this past weekend to see how I have become more centered in my sage, and am learning to be more centered with my responses to life.


    Jessica Dennis
  • I first attended MATC in winter of 2012. It was surely an eye-opening experience for me. I had never been exposed to anything like it and I’m so thankful that a Christian brother cared enough about me to share about his MATC experience and to invite me to attend. For the first time in my Christian life, I discovered how I have been living falsely through my false selves of performer, withdrawer, and judge, among many others. Almost daily now I catch myself living through one of my deep rooted false selves and I wonder if I’ll ever truly live my life like the genuine, broken, needy self that was modeled for me and the other attendees in 2012. But, looking back, I know for sure that I’m a different person now than when I first attended the weekend. — Dennis

    I attended WATC in 2012 after hearing Dennis talk about the event and then later sharing his personal experience.  WATC gave me a voice and the ability to become aware of the anger that was pushed down under my Victim false self and great sadness.  Having the opportunity to invite God into the fight for my “little Sheila” brought about a deep since of peace and rest in the arms of Jesus before God.  The fight is being won.  I often find myself in a fight for “little Sheila” now and am able to sometimies invite God and find peace and rest along the way (or not and then have anger toward everyone present).  The understanding of a true and holy desire within has given me something for which to ask God and a place to see where I need to invite God.  — Sheila


    Dennis and Sheila Chung
  • Facilitating the Living in Truth small group this fall has been a great experience for us. For eight weeks, we watched our group struggle through confusion, experience pain, have incredible connection with their spouse, gain understanding, make breakthroughs and connect to joy and gratitude.  Couples experienced a new freedom and lightness that was palpable in their marriages.  The group ended with hope and gratitude and with the couples experiencing significant movement toward each other and God.


    Daniel and Tasha Herron
  • Brian and Cara live in Louisville, KY with their four children, where Brian is senior pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church.  Brian is also the founder of the ministry Practical Shepherding. For more information about Practical Shepherding, check out their website at www.practicalshepherding.com.

    Cara – Last year I found myself at one of the lowest points of my life. I had been struggling with a deep, dark depression that just would not seem to lift. To say that I was overwhelmed with life is an understatement. I was desperate. I had prayed and sought God but He seemed silent, distant, cold, and uncaring. When I came to Women at the Cross, it was a last attempt at trying to find God in the midst of this darkness. I came desperate for at least a sign that maybe He still cared for me, that maybe He had heard my cry, that maybe I could feel something other than emptiness. I came begging for crumbs with my soul starving.


    Brian and Cara Croft
  • Scott and I married in October of 2004. It was a second marriage for both of us with three kids between us, and we lived happily ever after. The end.

    Well, OK…maybe it didn’t actually go down like that. Here’s our story.

    Scott and I married in October of 2004. With stars in our eyes and hearts thumping out of our chests for each other, we took the plunge into marriage with nothing but love and positive outcomes for the future dancing in our heads. Cue the mentally ill son, the vindictive ex-wife, the overly dramatic toddler, the socially unattached other son, the fact that we were step-parents, the wounds and perceptions from past marriages, the decision to adopt older children out of foster care, and BOOM we found ourselves in a deep pit of daily chaos and an escalating pile of resentment for each other and our circumstances.


    Scott and Heather Papay
  • Attending the Men at the Cross weekend in February in Denver, Colorado, the Heart quadrant teaching in July and staffing at the October weekend in Louisville, Kentucky represent some of the most important milestones in my Christian life.  They were all truly life changing events.  I have been able to gain victory over some areas in my life I have struggled with since childhood. My wife attended Women at the Cross this past spring and together we are able to discuss difficulties in our marriage in a new and more productive way with a new perspective.  Staffing with my son in October was a very special experience that brought us both even closer in our relationship. The major reason I attended the February weekend was because of the testimony of my son’s experience at his weekend as “life changing”.


    Steve Harbin

Men at the Cross

Men at the Cross is an experiential men’s weekend that began in Colorado in 2003.  Men from around the United States have come to experience a unique encounter with God and other men.  The Men at the Cross weekend is designed for men who are desiring to grow in depth in their relationship with God, their families, and others.  This weekend provides men the opportunity to go deeper than just head knowledge.  At Men at the Cross, men get to the heart of things in their lives.

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Women at the Cross

Women at the Cross is a weekend retreat designed for women who long to walk in the fullness of who they are, as women created in the image of Christ.  The weekend offers opportunities for women to become more present to who they are, to connect with other women, and to connect more intimately with God. Through a series of short teachings and interactive experiences, women are drawn into an awareness of their deepest longings and what might be blocking their fulfillment. Where do we discover our true identities?  By what means can we enter into a life of freedom, where we are centered in God and rooted in love and power? The answer: at the foot of the cross of Jesus. At the cross, we find grace to forgive others and receive forgiveness. At the cross, we are established in love – love that overcomes our fears. At the cross, the image of God within is renewed and we are liberated to be the women that God has created us to be.

Women at the Cross Brochure


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