Retreat Testimonials

In the Lord’s kind providence, Men at the Cross in many ways was the answer to my questions. I have loved the Lord for a long time. I know the gospel well. But I was not sure how to allow the grace of God in the cross of Jesus to enter those dark, hidden places in my heart and bring healing. Men at the Cross helped me both to face traumatic experiences in my childhood, expose them to the light, and find true healing at the only place that heals those painful wounds of the past—the cross where Jesus bore my sin, shame, and punishment.


Louisville, KY

Go! Just go! Open your heart to the possibility that your relationship can be better, maybe better than ever. Be open and trust the processes. It works!


Northville, MI

This retreat was impactful to our marriage. There were no lectures, but instead simplified explanations, personal testimonies, demonstrated examples, and activities that touched our specific needs and struggles. The embarrassment and apprehension that naturally built up at the beginning of the weekend quickly diminished as a safe and vulnerable environment was established. We were moved and excited in ways incomparable to other marriage retreats, as we finished the weekend.


Greeley, CO

I was impacted heavily by all the new things I learned about my husband that, because of God’s grace, I was able to hear for the first time. This weekend provided SPACE and TIME to listen to him in a new way and for him to hear me too.


Denver, CO

I attended Women at the Cross in April of 2012.  I was living in a shell, hiding from everyone and everything, including God. I came home from that weekend with answers about who I am to God, ways to identify the lies I was telling myself and believing about myself and tools to help heal some of the relationships within my family. I am often amazed at the transformation that has taken place in me over the last three years.



It has been a journey of epic proportions in a single weekend. No other weekend has impacted me as positively and powerfully. Never have I felt more safe, connected and on equal ground with a group of strangers before. What a beautiful gift I have been given.



I am leaving Women at the Cross with a renewed mind and strength. My heart that was numb and going through the motions has been reminded of who I am in Christ.



I didn’t personally feel like coming to this weekend even though I was invited and heard great things about it. This is because I have been involved and led multiple practical retreats like this. I came with an open heart and was totally blown away. The quality of this retreat is like nothing else I have experienced or been a part of. I was able to work on deep parts of my life/past/present in a safe environment with other men and now coming away from this I believe EVERY man should attend Men at the Cross!


Colorado Springs, CO

Men at the Cross brought a collision of God’s grace and my “stuff”, stuff that at times manifested itself through shame, a critical spirit, blame, judging, anger, and isolation. Actually, I kept all of this hidden for the most part, except for those special people, my family. MATC has brought such incredible freedom and grace to my relationships. Our marriage is functioning at a level previously impossible because we are so much more aware of our personal stories and each other’s story. This has allowed me to be much more patient and grace-filled and empathetic with the people to whom God has called me to minister. I cannot imagine pastoring my present church without having the experience provided by Men at the Cross.


Murray, KY

I would personally like to thank Men at the Cross Ministry for the growth that was experienced on my first MATC weekend. I was finally able to bring closure to areas in my life that prevented me from being the man God intended me to be and to begin accepting who I am as a beloved child of God. Without reservation, I would recommend this ministry as a means of deeper personal growth and love for our Lord Jesus.


Plano, TX

When I came to Women at the Cross, it was a last attempt at trying to find God in the midst of darkness. I came desperate for at least a sign that maybe He still cared for me, that maybe He had heard my cry, that maybe I could feel something other than emptiness. I came begging for crumbs with my soul starving.

What I found last November was so much more than what I could have hoped for. It was one of the most difficult weekends I have ever faced, but it was also the most rewarding weekend I have ever been through.


Louisville, KY

I first attended Men at the Cross in the winter of 2012. It was surely an eye-opening experience for me. I had never been exposed to anything like it and I’m so thankful that a Christian brother cared enough about me to share about his Men at the Cross experience and to invite me to attend. For the first time in my Christian life, I discovered how I have been living falsely through my false selves of a performer, withdrawer, and judge, among many others. 


Littleton, CO

I want to let you know how much I appreciate The Cross Ministry Group and the spiritual benefits it provides.  As both a pastor and founder of Sons of Covenant, a ministry for men, I have both personally experienced and witnessed the change in men after participating in a Men at the Cross weekend. My wife and my niece also attended a Women at the Cross weekend this year, and both said of all the retreats they have ever attended, they benefited the most from Women at the Cross.  I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone desiring to discover who they really are to attend a weekend retreat.

JC Hendrix

Aurora, CO