The Cross Ministry Group is a Christian organization dedicated to providing growth opportunities for men, women, couples & youth.  We invite you to take a moment to explore some of the ministry opportunities available to individuals, couples, men’s and women’s groups, churches and other ministries.

Who We Are

  • We are men and women committed to following Christ fully.
  • We endeavor to live open and authentic lives, known by God and others.
  • We admit we fall short of God’s high and noble calling to walk in His righteousness.
  • We find refuge in the death and resurrection of Christ and God’s abiding Holy Spirit who leads us to repentance and into the rich provision of His grace and righteousness in Christ and His transforming power.
  • We bring our weaknesses and our strengths, our failures and our successes, our sins and the image of Christ within us to one another in order to walk in humility with one another.
  • We commit to small groups as safe and sacred spaces for us to live authentically and in humility with God and trusted others.
  • We believe that God has rooted us in Christ, in His power and his love, in order to bring us to maturity for the sake of His name and for His glory.
  • We celebrate the reality of God’s presence in our lives which is constantly at work in us to establish us in Christ.
  • We believe that as we turn away from our vain attempts to “be God” and “control our lives” that we are now free to embrace our true state before God, that we are men and women, weak and in need of God – humbly coming before Him that He might reveal His power and love to us that we might be transformed and free to live as He intended.
  • We are committed to the Scriptures as God’s Word to us, His guide to lead us to Him.
  • We are committed to aiding God’s Church, local and around the world, to humbly develop into the mature men and women He desires.
  • We are committed to serving God’s people, the Church of Christ and local church organizations by strengthening their members to grow to maturity in Christ.

The Cross Ministry Group supports the organization, activities and authority of the local church in the life of the participants in our events. We offer specific, structured activities to support the opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. The ministry is a gathering of men and women on a journey to discover God’s grace, power and love as we endeavor to follow him and walk in His righteousness.  We embrace the truth that we are fallen humans, every one of us, even leaders.  Everyone involved in The Cross Ministry Group can identify with various sins on the Bible’s “sin list.”  We are in process and openly pursuing sanctification. We embrace this process in each other and in those who come to us for the purpose of growing closer to God.

We are committed to creating safe, sacred opportunities for people to be authentic without being judged or rejected. We are wholly committed to maintaining confidentiality and not repeating another person’s story without his or her permission. These commitments permit our ministry to thrive and see the fruit of God’s gracious work in our lives and in the lives of those who attend our events.