Men at the Cross is an intensive, experiential men’s weekend that began in 2003. Men from around the United States have come to experience a unique encounter with God and other men. Men at the Cross is a weekend retreat designed for men who are desiring to grow in depth in their relationship with God, their families, and others. This weekend is designed to provide men an experience that goes deeper than just head knowledge.

As men, we can see dissatisfaction exposed in our relationships with our wives, children, family members, fellow workers, and among friends. Dreams have died. Relationships aren’t what they could be. All the while we continue our ascent upward, looking for success, sometimes finding it, many times not. The world offers its rendition of fulfillment through financial success, sexual pleasures, self-centeredness, and a vague idea of the good life. We are enticed.

Yet, this offering is ultimately without satisfaction. We know this because we try it and it fails us. Many men today are led down a path of sexual addiction, isolation from the ones they love, lost in a numbness that has the heart in a vice grip. Anger and rage flow like a current just under the facade of peace, and once in a while, or maybe often, it explodes to the surface causing havoc and destruction. Others merely exist in a lethargic boredom, dead to most feelings and wholly unfamiliar with the concept of a vibrant life.

What is going on?

One of the greatest challenges we face as men today is standing in the strength of what it means to be a man. The fact is, most of us did not have the kind of fathers that knew how to initiate their sons into manhood. The consequence is generations of tentative men. Men that are hungry for something they don’t even know how to define. At the core, it’s a connection with who they were meant to be. Men, among men, revealing the image of God.

Many men don’t even know how to identify the state of their own soul. Yet, if we become still long enough, oftentimes we begin to hear the voices of sadness, anger, fear, hate, shame, and this frightens us. So, we go back to the task of doing, ignore the heart, and continue in isolation from those that love us the most. We are fearful of being known, because we wonder whether we really have what it takes, or if we are enough. Or worse yet, who would love us if they really knew us?

Is it possible that behind your deepest weakness and brokenness is found your deepest gift? What if behind the addictions, the rage, the lethargy, the performance, or whatever your story is, what if behind that is found the essence of who you are and the ultimate plan of God to express a vibrant and passionate life in and through you? What if that is where the strong and powerful man you want to be is found? Or, the man that knows and gives love without fear? For, it is in our weakness that God grants us his strength to be the men he has called us to be.

Some of us struggle in our relationship with God. Is it possible that the foundation of the struggle is that we have never faced ourselves? How can we let God see us for who we are, if we won’t do it ourselves? In reality, this is where we come to know God. When we open up and take an honest look at who we are. There we meet God. His face to our true face. Not the mixture of masks that hide us from God and those around us. But the authentic truth about us. This is our hope. To see ourselves for who we really are. To stand before God and others and say, this is me. In this space we can finally discover the love of God that may seem like a mystery to us.

What is the purpose of this particular men’s weekend?

This is a weekend for men who want to work on their souls. For those who are ready to fully engage and get to the heart of things. It is a sacred time to push through fears in order to discover that we are enough. That we have what it takes to fulfill our destiny.

During the weekend we create a safe environment for men to meet together with mutual respect and confidentiality. In this context men experience support from brothers that will bless and encourage each other in their journey toward being strengthened with Christ’s presence in their inner man.

What do we ask of you?

On the weekend, we simply ask you to come willing to risk and to engage in the difficult task of looking at those things that hinder you from experiencing God’s full purpose for you as a man, those things that obscure your truest self.