Growth doesn’t just happen! Growth occurs in safe and sacred communities where we are led into greater awareness and given opportunities to take risks in our relationships with God and others! Growth happens when we are intentional seeking these opportunities out.

The Men at the Cross weekend is a catalytic experience designed to encourage growth at a deep level. It is only the beginning of a journey. It is not unusual to have a profound experience with God and others and then find it difficult to integrate what one has learned and experienced into daily life. Following each of our Men at the Cross weekends, we offer 8-week follow-up groups that are designed to reinforce the main principles of the weekend and to help you integrate what you learned and experienced on the weekend into your daily lives. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to continue your growth after the weekend. If you are interested in continuing to meet in an R-group after the initial 8 weeks, there are on-going groups that meet throughout each region. There is no additional cost for any of these groups.