Men’s Journey into Elderhood

Men’s Journey into Elderhood

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Men’s Journey into Elderhood

This event is open to all Men at the Cross alumni who are 50 years of age and older.  We are limiting the event to 25 men.

“The Men’s Journey into Elderhood” is designed to call forth the elder presence within you for the sake of your family, community and the world.  Most of us have not been mentored by our elders.  The consequence is that we are not confident and empowered to manifest an “elder presence.”  A common question is: “What does it mean to be an elder and how do I become a mature elder in life?”  There is a part of us that yearns for these answers so that we are fully engaged in our purpose in this latter stage of life.  Do you hunger for this?

Without the mature elder presence in the world, younger people in our sphere of influence are not shown the way to maturity.  The world needs mature men who are anchored in their identity and who have clarity about what they have to offer to their world.  Would you like to have a vision for what this means for you?

Our goal  for this journey is:

  • To ignite a vision within for who we are as older men
  • To help bring to maturity the older men in our community
  • To honor and encourage them
  • To inspire them to impact the world around them with their presence.

The themes of the Journey:

  • What does it mean to be an elder?
  • What are the areas of personal growth to step into a mature elder role in life?
  • Moving past the first half of life into the second half of life with clarity and a mature sense of who you are.
  • The spiritual life of an elder
  • Exploring the key issues of the latter stage of life
  • A path for going forward as we embrace who we are and our unique calling

Meals: Friday evening meal through Sunday lunch is provided.  Since this is a smaller gathering in a private home we will be requesting you to bring one meal to share (enough for 6 people).  (Details to follow)

What to bring: Toiletries, Bible, Pillow, Bedding, Towel, Notebook and Pen  (More details will follow upon registration)

Transportation: We will communicate travel options based on where you are coming from.  Out of town attendees will need to arrange transportation to the site.  We will assist you as much as possible.

The journey will take place in a beautiful home on five acres of trees in Monument, Colorado.

Date & Time

January 17-19, 2020

Arrival: 5:00 p.m. on the 17th;
Departure: 2:00 p.m. on the 19th.