The Deeper Dive Colorado

The Deeper Dive Colorado


“THE DEEPER DIVE: Continuing the Journey to Freedom in God’s Grace”

This event is open to anyone and not limited to alumni of Men and Women at the Cross

We invite you to explore “The Deeper Dive” and enter into a more full experience of God’s freedom, power and love.

What we will cover:

  • Exploring more deeply the dynamics of the Three Selves (True Self, False Self, Broken Self)
  • Getting clear about the path to freedom in relationship with God, self and others
  • Growing in our capacity to sacrificially stand in our identity in Christ in the midst of difficulty
  • Exploring the blocks that keep us stuck in our Broken Self and False Self
    • Judgments (of self and others)
    • The power of one’s thoughts, feelings and story
    • The role of spiritual warfare
  • Yielding to the call to love as He loves
  • Introducing a practical tool for communication

The Sanctuary Church
3101 W 31st Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Date & Time

Friday November 1: 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (please eat dinner beforehand. Snacks, water and coffee will be on hand)

Saturday November 2nd: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Please bring a sack lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided)



The Deeper Dive was my favorite of all of the alumni weekends. A number of the exercises / processes that we did really hit me and have had a long term impact both on my thinking and on how I show up.” Geoff, Texas

“The concepts and word pictures that Bob used were quite effective for me, easy to remember and put into practice. The audience participation was encouraged and was a great tool, and made the workshop even more interesting. It was most definitely worth my time and money. I look forward to more of these types of workshops with The Cross Ministry Group!” Becky, Colorado

“The Deeper Dive has helped me be aware of what takes me out of my daily walk with God. My focus on the past and future, my circumstances, my relationships, my focus on earthly things instead of things above, my busyness, my judgments, my wounds from the past, my expectations that others will meet my deepest needs instead of Christ, my grasping for programs to do it for me instead of abiding in Christ, my failure to ask Christ into my darkest places, my vulnerability to triggers, which can derail me, my lack of genuine love for others, knowing that the enemy is always there to trip me up. The Deeper Dive has helped me quiet my mind; it has helped me be a better listener. It has made me aware of how I let technology and current events like news take me out of my focus on my relationship with Christ. The Deeper Dive has helped me let go of my agenda and focus more on God’s presence as the source of living out of my truest self. The Deeper Dive has helped me interact with difficult people on a more nonjudgmental loving way. I have a more positive view of suffering in that suffering is an avenue to a closer walk with Jesus. Other than that, it hasn’t helped me at all. Thanks Bob for a great awareness and teaching far beyond just wound or rock work. In addition to the above, it gave me great material to share with my Saturday morning men’s Bible study.” Dennis, Colorado