Monthly Assignments and Participation:

1) Watch all videos and read through all documents for each month
2) Attend the monthly Zoom call. There are two options. Choose one each month. It doesn’t have to be the same each month. See days and times below.
3) Attend the monthly in person practice training session. See location, days and times below. (If you are not in Colorado or Kentucky we will work with you on creating opportunities for practice.)


Month One Resources


Rock Work Practice Sheet and Self Evaluation June 2021

Active Listening May 2022


The Purpose of Rock Work and the Role of Facilitator (11:58)

Stage One: Power Process (8:02)

Stage One: Intention (11:47)

Stage One: Finding the Part (11:23)

Stage One: Cost/Impact and Metaphor Questions (8:25)

Stage One: Finding the Positive Part (8:30)

Zoom meeting recordings:

Rock Work Training Manuals:

Rock Work Manual Stages One Two and Three January 2022

Rock Work Manual Power and Connection Processes January 2022