Walk to Connect 5k

connecting people to the transforming power and love of God!
When: Saturday, August 7th @ 8am
What: A 5K Walk – followed by breakfast together
-CO: Clement Park, Littleton (if questions, call Mike Rouse, 303-931-3763)
-KY: Creasey Mahan, Goshen, (if questions, call Beno Chappell, 502-262-3046 or Mandi Buckner 502-693-3421)
-or wherever you are!
What happens next:
Register and we will send you a note to invite friends to support your walk, which will include a link to make it easy for them to invest and support you.

Walk-to-Connect Registration

Walk Location (We need this info to plan accordingly for food and drink after the walk)(Required)