Walk to Connect 5k

Walk-to-connect resources
Click on this link to go to a pre-formatted email with graphics that you can copy and send to you friends. You will need to copy the entire piece and paste in a new e-mail.
Resource #1.1:
Below is an email template that you may copy, modify and send to friends to sponsor your walk.  It is basically the same as the above w/out the logo/graphics or the ability to edit.

Email Subject: Sponsor my Walk-to-Connect 5K for The Cross Ministry Group

Dear ….

I am doing a 5K Walk-to-Connect on August 7 to support The Cross Ministry Group.

Will you sponsor me in my effort to connect people to the transforming power and love of God?

I am looking to raise $_______ ($1000/$2500/set your own goal) of support to advance this ministry which means a lot to me and has greatly impacted my life.
YOUR Investment will make a great impact!

  • The Cross Ministry Group hosts experiential weekends that bring freedom to men, women and couples, empowering us to live authentically as God made us to be.
  • Since 2003 over 5500 men and women have been given the opportunity to powerfully experience grace & truth. 
  • Equipping people with practical tools to live unburdened from the fear, anger, shame, and the wounds which block us from living a fulfilled life in Christ.

I’ve been blessed and I want to pay it forward! 

The work of The Cross Ministry Group has changed me. I’m walking to raise support for this ministry because (insert your brief story … i.e. the ministry saved my marriage/me from…; helped me connect to my kids and lead them well; changed my life by giving me the tools to overcome false ways of living; helped me connect to the love I’ve longed for; connected me to the strength to pursue my dreams etc…)  I’m walking and giving because I want to see others experience what I have. 
Click below to see the impact of The Cross Ministry Group experiences on men, women and marriages: 

Men at the Cross

Women at the Cross

Couples at the Cross

Please click here to sponsor me on the walk. And if you’d like to walk with me – I’d welcome the connection.  

Thank you for your help! 
Your Name

If you would like to learn more about The Cross Ministry Group visit: www.crossmg.org.

Resource #2:

Please share the following graphic on your social media accounts with a link to sponsor you attached.

Please support my Walk-To-Connect 5k for The Cross Ministry Group.  Here is the link: https://crossministrygroup.org/walk-a-thon/


Resource #3:

You can copy The Cross Ministry Group logo and attach to your email if you like.


Resource #4:

Invite your R-Group to Walk with you and invite friends to sponsor them.

Invite friends you’d like to invite to a weekend to join you on the walk and share your story as you walk.