What is the weekend about?
Women at the Cross is an opportunity for women to explore their own hearts before God and others.  There are a few short teachings focused on identifying key issues that can hinder us from living fully in Christ.  There are small and large group times.  It is an opportunity to receive strong support from other women.  We endeavor to create a safe and sacred space for women to take risks in their relationship with God.

A core teaching on the weekend addresses our identity in Christ. In Ephesians 4:22-24, Paul instructs us to put off the old self, which belongs to our former way of life and to put on the new self, created in the likeness of God. On the weekend, we become aware of the old, false ways of living and have opportunities to address them and their root causes. It is a time to step into God’s love and power and make choices to live authentically before God and others.

While the weekend is rooted in the Scripture, it is not a series of Bible teachings.  We endeavor to create an environment where biblical knowledge and truth are experienced on the weekend.


Who should go on the weekend?
Our events are for anyone who wants to grow in maturity. Women bring all manner of issues and concerns to the weekend. It could be a search for direction, growth in confidence, healthier relationships or to become more aware of how you show up in the world. It is also an opportunity for some to address fears, shame, anger and pains from the past or present. Whatever you bring is welcome.

If you want to know more of God’s grace in any area of your life, we invite you to come and join us at the foot of the cross as we risk stepping into the current of God’s grace.

See our brochure to get an idea of who the weekend is for: Women at the Cross Brochure


Why don’t you share details about the weekend?
While the weekend is not a secret, we do ask women who have attended to not share the details of the weekend as the specific experiences and processes might not make sense out of context and it would ruin the experience for others who plan on coming.  We consider the weekend a gift and want you to be the one who gets to unwrap it.


What can I expect when I arrive?
This is not the stereotypical women’s retreat where there are several talks, a lot of free time and recreational activities.  The weekend is carefully planned and structured. We are aware that you have just finished a long week and have been in traffic.  You will notice when you arrive that it is our goal to help you transition from all that you left behind to shift to what you would like to have happen on the weekend and to become aware of God’s presence in your life.

We encourage you to be praying about what you would like to address in your life on the weekend.

We value eliminating distractions for you on the weekend.  You will be asked to not use cell phones or any other electronics on the weekend.  Emergency phone access is of course available. You will be contacted before the weekend and given an emergency contact number.


What about meals, lodging, arrival and departure times?
Lodging is provided.  There are six meals, one Friday evening, three on Saturday and two on Sunday.  Please eat before arriving as the first meal will not be until Friday evening.

The weekend begins at 1:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.  Starting on time is important.  We ask you to arrive on time.  Take into account Friday traffic and plan your day accordingly.

If you are flying in from out of town, for Denver weekends, please arrive in Denver no later than 11am to allow for time to get to the retreat center.  Please email us at info@crossmg.org if you need more information.  We ask that you consult with us before purchasing flights so we can ensure you have enough time to arrive at the retreat on time. 

The weekend ends around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Given the nature of the weekend, it is important that you attend the entire weekend.  The weekend does not allow for late arrivals or early departures.  If you cannot be present the entire weekend please plan on coming at a time when you are able to do so.



What do I need to bring to the weekend?
Please bring toiletries, a water bottle, comfortable clothing and a comfortable pair of shoes (please note this includes at least one pair of close-toed shoes).  Bring a notebook and a pen.  Also, bring your own bedding for weekends in KY or NJ (Either a sleeping bag or sheets and blanket, pillow and towel).  Out of town attendees can request bedding to be provided if necessary.  Bedding for retreats in CO are provided.


Is there follow up after the weekends?
After each weekend, there is an 8 week follow-up group designed to help anchor the weekend experience for you. After the 8 weeks, there are opportunities to continue to meet with other women who have been through the weekend and grow together personally. There is no cost for these follow-up groups.

We also offer other events for alumni of Women at the Cross. These experiences are designed to give deeper teaching and more tools to aid women to continue to live out the lessons learned on the weekends.


Is there any financial assistance available?
We offer up to $100 scholarships (which includes the Early Bird Discount) and payment plans.  If you would like to get more information about scholarships, please fill out the Application for Financial Assistance.