The transformational retreats hosted by The Cross Ministry Group are designed to strengthen your relationship with God and to awaken in you a sense of your identity in Christ.

Here are answers to some of the practical questions participants ask.

What can I expect from the experience? How is this experience different from other retreats?

This is not the stereotypical Christian retreat where there are several talks, a lot of free time and recreational activities. The weekend is carefully planned and structured. While the content of the weekend is rooted in Scripture, the focus is not Bible study. Our goal is to give you an experience of God’s transforming grace rooted in God’s truth.

We are aware that you have just finished a long week and may have experienced a stressful flight and/or heavy traffic on your drive to the retreat location. You will notice when you arrive that it is our goal to help you transition from all that you left behind and shift to what you would like to have happen on the weekend. We want you to begin becoming aware of God’s presence in your life.

We try to eliminate distractions for you. You will be asked to put away your cell phone and other electronic devices during the weekend. Emergency phone access is of course available. You will be contacted before the weekend and given an emergency contact number.

Is this a “counseling” retreat?

Our retreats are not counseling experiences, and the staff does not function in the role of counselors or therapists.

Why don’t you share details about the weekend?

While the weekend is not a secret, we ask participants not to share the details of the weekend since the specific experiences and processes might not make sense out of context. Also, it would ruin the experience for others who plan on coming. We consider the weekend a gift and want each participant to have a chance to unwrap it.

How do I sign up for a retreat?

View the upcoming retreats on the Upcoming Retreats page for the Men’s, Women’s and Couples’ program. Click on the links for the dates and locations that interest you. Or, choose the Register link on the main navigational bar for a list of all upcoming retreats. You can pay online with a credit card or mail a check to:
The Cross Ministry Group
PO BOX 11084
Denver, CO 80211

A deposit is required to hold your reservation. Full payment must be made by the deadline for each retreat. If we have not received full payment by the deadline, your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

I paid the deposit when I registered. How do I complete payment for the rest of the registration fee?

You will receive an invoice by email with a link and a code to use to pay online, or you can mail a check for the balance to:
The Cross Ministry Group
PO BOX 11084
Denver, CO 80211

I received notification that I have been placed on a waiting list for the retreat I wanted to attend. What happens now?

In order to maintain the quality of the experience, we must limit the number of participants for each retreat. If you are placed on a waiting list, our Event Coordinator will contact you the following business day.  She will update you at minimum once a week with your placement on the list, and more often as you move up the list.

What should I do to prepare for the weekend?

We encourage you to reflect on your reasons for coming to the weekend. If you are participating at the recommendation of a friend or loved one, it is important to identify what you would like to focus on during the retreat. This process will help you prepare your heart, mind, and spirit for what God has for you.

The weekend is a time of intense spiritual discovery—about yourself, your relationship with God, as well as other key relationships in your life. Join us in our prayers for you that God would reveal himself to you in ways that would be transformative for you.

In order to prepare for your experience, we encourage you to reflect on a few key Scripture verses that will help you to prepare for the weekend:

Genesis 3:1-13  The dynamics of the Fall and how this has impacted us all.

Ephesians 4:22-24  Putting off the old self and putting on the new self

Colossians 1:27  Our reality:  “… Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

II Corinthians 10:5  “…we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

II Timothy 2:7  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

The weekend is an experiential weekend and while we do not focus on Bible Study, we endeavor to create an experience of God’s truth, power and love in your life. The entire weekend is designed to help you to connect to the truth about who you are in Christ and to have a deeper awareness of His presence and love.
We are praying that God would bless you in whatever areas of your life He desires.  We look forward to seeing you on the weekend if you choose to attend.

What do I need to know if I am traveling from out of town?

Before confirming your travel arrangements It is important that you confirm that you will arrive on site on time for the beginning of each retreat. Refer to the registration page for start times for each retreat.

Men at the Cross begins at 6pm, please plan to arrive after 5:30 and before 6pmWomen at the Cross begins at 2pm, please plan to arrive after 1:30 and before 2pm.

If you are traveling by air, your flight needs to arrive no less than three hours before the start of the retreat.  It is preferable to arrive four hours beforehand so that you are not rushed and can accommodate any flight delays.  This will also give you adequate time to rent a vehicle if this is required and to have a meal before arriving.  If you have questions about making your travel plans, please contact us in advance so that we can help you confirm that your plans will get you to the site on time.  Please email us at

What should I bring with me to the retreat?

Please bring toiletries, a water bottle, comfortable clothing and a comfortable pair of shoes, including at least one pair of close-toed shoes.  Bring a notebook, a pen and a bath towel.  Most participants will also need to bring their own bedding–either a sleeping bag or twin-sized sheets, blanket, and pillow.  Women at the Cross provides bedding for its participants at some locations. If you are registered for Women at the Cross, your email confirmation will indicate what bedding, if any, you will need to bring. Participants traveling by air will be provided with bedding upon request.

Is Lodging included?

Lodging is included in your registration fee.

What about meals?

For Men at the Cross meals served are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday.  There is no meal served Friday night.

For Women at the Cross meals served are Dinner Friday night, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday.

What type of follow up activities or events are available for participants to continue their Christian growth following the retreat?

There are two types of opportunities for follow up enhancements to your retreat experience.

Follow Up Groups: As part of your registration fee, you may choose to participate in one of our 8-week follow up groups. These are an opportunity to deepen your experience from the weekend and help you to continue your journey with God.

Retreat participants will also receive a login for access to a large number of online resources for further study and reflection. This material is especially helpful for those who travel from a distance to The Cross Ministry Group retreats, and have no other alumni in their area to meet with following their weekend experience.

Workshops and Alumni Events: We offer a variety of one-day workshops and weekend events that we encourage you to attend. You will find information about upcoming events on our website.