WATC Denver Retreat 9-2011 2011-09-24 007The Women at the Cross Retreat is a catalytic experience designed to encourage growth at a deep level of the soul. It is the beginning of a journey. It is not unusual to have a profound experience with God and others and then find it difficult to integrate what one has learned and experienced into daily life.

Following each Women at the Cross weekend, we offer follow-up Redemption Groups (R Groups), which are designed to help sustain the growth of the weekend and deepen its impact in our lives. Learning to live as women who embrace the reality of our Brokenness and Belovedness in the context of marriage, family, and the world is challenging. We need the support of other like-minded women to make this journey into maturity.  Specifically, the maturity that is distinctive to women.

We encourage you to take advantage of one of these follow-up groups. They are an extremely encouraging environment where women step into the strength and love that God has designed them to know as His beloved daughters. For the sake of your families and the world and “for the Glory of God” in your life you are urged to continue the work of this weekend in the days to come. There is no additional charge for these groups.

Continue the Journey!